Innovation Ecosystem

An economy that creates transformative innovations and cultivates entrepreneurship can drive large-scale job growth and achieve sustainable economic prosperity. Innovation and entrepreneurship can emerge only if all elements of an innovation ecosystem are in place.

Diagnose and Develop a Tailored Strategy

Our approach begins with a comprehensive diagnosis of where a country currently stands with regard to each of these core elements. GIC then tailors its strategy to build upon the country’s existing foundations for an innovation ecosystem and integrates its resources and network to fill any gaps.

Identify Talent

Identify, nurture and educate the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Shift Perception

Shifting cultural attitudes about entrepreneurship.

Empower Growth

Modifying laws and regulations to provide an environment conducive to business creation and growth.

Incubation and Acceleration

Connecting local entrepreneurs with GIC’s vast network of formal and informal mentorship entities in Silicon Valley and across the world.