Strategy + Implementation

GIC develops a comprehensive strategy and collaborates closely with the individuals on the ground throughout its implementation. Transformative results are only possible through effective execution. GIC consistently and proactively works on implementation, adapting the strategy to new information and an evolving context. Below are a few areas GIC has focused on in its advisory work.

An Enlightened Approach to Education and Workforce Development


GIC diagnoses the skills gap between what is being taught through the region’s existing educational institutions and the demands of current and prospective employers.

Educational Initiatives

Integrating an innovative educational approach that fills these gaps and cultivates a thriving workforce.

Unprecedented Potential

In most countries in the region, 2/3 or more of the population is under the age of 30—turning the unique demographics of the region into a demographic dividend.

Academic Network

Utilizing GIC’s deep ties to the world’s leading academic institutions.

Facilitating Investment in Entrepreneurship

Investment Capital

Connecting local entrepreneurs to GIC’s global network of venture investors at each vital financing stage.

Empowering Local Investment

Educating local investors on the intricacies of entrepreneurial investing.

Deployment Initiatives

Optimizing the allocation of capital to the investment opportunities most likely to yield thriving new businesses, job growth, and other key objectives.

Ideal Innovation Ecosystem