Catalyzing the

Global Innovation Economy

Innovation is the driver of growth and continued market relevance.

We believe developing and integrating the mindsets and skillsets of innovation through experiential learning are critical not just to survive, but to grow and thrive in the 21st century.

Experiential Learning Approach

Learn while you work — Innovate while you learn

Our unique project-based approach combines world-class university produced content, facilitated workshops to develop your community, and a network of experts to help support the implementation of your ideas.

CONTENT based on world- class university produced online programs
COMMUNITY built through collaborative workshops and program facilitators
EXECUTION guided by practical experiences and our global support network
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The main thing that this program gave me was the opportunity to think like an entrepreneur. I learned how to look at challenges and problems as opportunities to learn and to grow.

The most interesting part is that every business, every course concept or idea is backed up by real examples from real big companies, from real markets.


The GIC Global Innovation Network

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A Unique 12 Week Experiential Learning Program
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Learn while you work — Innovate while you learn.
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